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Empty Question

This is a random question - most of the time - to gauge the respondent's credibility. It can be a question about general knowledge to make sure the answers are accurate.


Ethnography is used to observe and study human behaviors in their natural environment. For research, this methodology is used to understand deeper the consumer's purchase or usage behavior (Why consumers are doing this?...). Ethnography is a qualitative approach.

Executive summary

One of the most important part of any research or consulting paper, executive summary is an advanced summary of results, conclusions and recommendations based on the analysis of the research and its main findings. An executive summary is an independent part of a bigger report from research. The information displayed has to be clear and straightforward to facilitate the reading of the decision makers.


Experiment tests the market to discover new opportunities. The respondent is not fully aware of the objectives of the research. Consumer's behaviour is studied and analysed. The final result of an experiment is based upon detailed analysis of respondent's behaviour, their indirect references and comparison between different groups taking part in the experiment.

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