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Quality Control is present to make sure the outcome of the survey responds to some criteria. Some trap questions, indicators of participants rushing into the survey will be identified and poor respondents will be removed to ensure the best quality.

Qualitative research

A broad category of research methods and techniques, sharing the following features: focus on describing, explaining various phenomena and, not their frequency. A qualitative method of research conducted on a smaller sample of the population. Most of the time the research is done through focus group, in depths interviews. The purpose is to reach difficult targets or to be able to discuss deeper topics.

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Quantitative research

A method of research focused on quantitative or numerical description and explanations of phenomena. Quantitative research relies on collecting data on a larger scale. It focuses on conducting market research project on a larger sample size of the population. The topics are usually more broadening. Precise statistical methods of sample selection are being used. Quantitative research uses standardized research tools and questionnaires. It generalizes the results of the study for an universe larger than the sample. This quantitative research aims to provide conclusive answers to specific research objectives.

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A set of questions administrated either face to face or online to respondents. The questionnaire has to follow a certain logic. It is used in quantitative research. The two basic types of questionnaires are interviewer questionnaires and self-completion.

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Quota full

When a quota has been filled, it shows as quotafull. The researcher can close the quota for the project and focus on the remaining ones in order to get his project done.

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Quota sample

Quotas are associated with a defined segment of the population (age, gender, SEC, location) in order to get a representative sample for the research project. Such criteria are expressed in the form of so-called quotas. During a research project, one researcher can decide to close a quota if this one is filled to not bias the survey (Eg: 200 interviews with women aged 18-29 years old). The quota is here to ensure that the structure of the sample reflected the balance of various groups in the actual population.

Also see: Quotafull, Strata quotas


Put some restrictions regarding some demographics (age,gender, social class, region) to get a representative sample of the population. The researcher looks for demographic information on the country they are researching and apply it to their project.

Also see: Strata quotas

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