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Observational Research

A technique used in qualitative research, including the observation of respondent behavior in a specific set environment (home, store, or at work).
The researcher can observe how the respondent makes his choice and what could influence his judgment. Examples might be shopping (at sale outlets), living at home (cooking, cleaning), or even observation of children.

See also Qualitative Research

Synonyms - Active Observation

A method that is cost effective as different topics are being researched in one project. Costs can be shared through multiple clients. It is inexpensive and fast. It also provides the results to multiple clients.

Online Communities

A group of online participants who participate in an online survey through a qualitative platform. Sometimes, some group chats are possible between members and managed by a moderator to stimulate the conversation.

Online Focus Group

A Focus group which is conducted online. Participants are requested to join an online group to discuss a topic via visio conference tools. Its powerful methodology to access to respondents from remote locations and participants tend to be more comfortable and open because they are in a familiar environment.

Also see: Focus Group

Open ended

Open end (OE) or open question refers to question within the questionnaire where any answer is possible. The respondent is free to write down any suitable answer which is the opposite of ready choices. E.g. - what do you like about this product? Why do you use this brand?

Also see: closed ended, codeframe

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