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Your one-stop guide to all things in market. research. Whether you're a rookie trying to understand sampling or a veteran looking to develop a multicountry project strategy, we've got you covered.

TGM Academy's purpose is to help you to understand all the techniques and foundations on how to conduct your market research project.

One of the most important steps you can take before you start your business is doing market research. Skip this step, and you risk offering a product or service that is incorrectly priced, marketed to the wrong audience, or worse—that nobody really wants.

We want to share our experience, our expertise, and advice so that you have all the keys in your hands to succeed with your project. Market research can seem complex, but it is not! Our TGM Academy becomes your key reference when it comes to market research. 

What would you like to learn?

Your ultimate guide and resources to market research to help you conduct it like a pro.

Problem definition

Uncover unmet needs

Learn how to define the problem and research objectives - the first first step in any marketing research study

Research design

Move quickly ideas

A research project design is a framework details the procedures necessary for obtaining the required information

Data Collection

Optimize features benefits

Data collection (Fieldwork) is a critical step in the research . Proper fieldwork secures quality of the outcome

Analysis and Reporting

Test products early

Learn the process of inspecting, cleaning, and modeling data to draw the right conclusions

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Why TGM Academy?


With TGM, our team is here to support you with your research and guide you through the essential steps of your project.

Goal oriented

With TGM, you will find solutions to increase your revenue. It also means listening to the voice of your customers.


TGM Academy will share multiple resources for you to understand how a market research project is launched and finished from A to Z.

A bit more about us

We know, that you need to understand your customers' needs in any country, time, or place. This is why TGM Research is using mobile to conduct surveys and deliver multi-country projects quickly and efficiently.

With our methodology and technology, millions of consumers in 130+ countries (within CEE, ASEAN, Africa, MENA, and Americas) are at your fingertips (with the use of proprietary mobile and online panels, partner panels, and dynamic sampling)

End to End Services

UX, UI, online survey, offline, B to C, B to B...options to run a project are endless.

Learn From Experience

Our team comes from various market research agencies with most of them having decades of experience in international markets. 

Close Collaboration

We collaborate with an international team of researchers, translators, project managers, and consultants. 

Our Expert Coaches From
All Over the World

Our team has extensive experience from large market research companies (Dynata, Kantar, and Userzoom to name a few). Our awesome experts are located around the globe, enabling you to have a 24/7 cover with international expertise.

Managing Director United Arab Emirates

Greg Laski

Greg started his career at Kantar and lived for many years in Dubai. Greg is now based in South Africa and decided to launch TGM Research.

Business Development Director Vietnam

Yoan Sojka

Yoan started his career at Lightspeed Research in London. He then moves to Dynata to join their project management team. Later on, he decided to move to the UX world managing the EMEA panel with Userzoom. Now, Yoan is in Vietnam to develop the business in APAC for TGM.

Strategic Business Developer Vietnam

Truc Tran

Digital Operations Manager Vietnam

Dan Tran

Digital Operations Manager Poland

Kamil Pytka

Project Manager - Digital Operations Poland

Katarzyna Pytka

Business Developer Algeria

Mohamed Ali Khellafi

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