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Hall test (test "in hall") -

Hall Test is a quantitative method aiming to invite respondents to a set location arranged as a test laboratory. Participants give an evaluation of a certain product (packaging, test,...). The goal of a hall test is to obtain a detailed, consumer given evaluation of a certain object (product, pack...) carried out in a room arranged as a test laboratory.

Also see: Tests


Graphical representation of data where colours are being used to represent values. Mostly used to visualize the volume of locations for sales or other things. It can also be used to identify where people click on websites / app, what part of the image / ad / packaging they prefer / dislike and then generate insightful heatmaps.

Home test (test "in home")

Home testing requires the product to be sent home. Participants will have the opportunity to test the product over a certain period of time and provide feedback on various aspects such as packaging, testing, information available. The interview is carried out on reaching the respondent's home and for a second visit after he tested the product to collect valuable insights.

Also see: tests, HUT

HUT (Home Unit Testing)

HUT relates to product marketing tests performs in the consumer home. A company will send a product to the participant's home and this product will be tested and reviewed thanks to a questionnaire. Feedback will be collected through the questionnaire.

Also see: Home test (test "in home")

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