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Panel Management System

Panel Magagement System (PMS) in an Internal system to manage the database of respondents, collecting data such as age, gender for a better targeting. One unique panel platform would integrate panel recruitment, sampling , incentives scheme and the panel interface for respondents. Most often, Panel Management System is connected via API to other softwares.


A study administrated with paper and a pencil. It is mainly conducted in remote areas or areas where the Internet is not so developed. A Paper and Pencil interview is a quantitative approach - a bit old school for now.

Passive Measurement

This methodology consists in asking volunteer participants to install an app on a laptop or smartphone to collect behavioural data, such as internet usage, websites searched. This can also help to collect system information such as internet speed, Geolocalisation and many more.

Pilot, Pilot study

A test run study or pilot aims to verify the research method in a project. A pilot is used in large and complex projects with a smaller sample size to confirm the method and tools before conducting the research at a larger scale. The results of the pilot are not included in the final results of the study, but are used solely to iron out the possible problems with the questionnaire (wording, questions...)

It defines the group (age, gender) or initial universe whom we are targeting for research purposes. E.g: population of Vietnamese citizen aged 25-34 years old, taking the plane at least once a year in the last twelve months.

Also see: Research Sample

Price tests

A quantitative research that studies consumer reactions to the prices of a product or a group of products. Price tests focus on opinion about existing prices, price sensitivity, getting the acceptable price...

Also see: BPTO, PSM

Primary data

Primary data refers to all Information gathered through original research. Data will not exist until the study is carried out. This is for example data collected via surveys or other adhoc research.

Product Testing

A type of research, in which a product is tested. It could be at home or during a focus group. Product testing falls into the FMCG category (food, cosmetics, etc.).

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Programmatic buying is the use of software to connect automatically offer and demand with a price that is determined following complex algorithms. This was used initially by the advertising industry, but nowadays expended to market research as a way to sources respondents or participants.


Price Sensitivity Measurement -- One of the most popular techniques used to measure the sensitivity of a price point. Price sensitivity measurement is included in a broader project and the method consists of four simple questions about the price of the product or service. Results are used to calculate the acceptable price range and optimise price point.

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