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Key Market Research Articles at a Glance:

Did you say mobile research?

Consumers today spend most of their time on smartphones or tablets, whether it is for social interactions, business, entertainment, e-commerce, or other e-services. Although the list of possible uses for mobile devices is impressive, it has unlocked huge opportunities for capturing insights anytime, anywhere, and in a manner that allows respondents to be much more engaged and keener to interact with a study.

Quantitative or Qualitative. Why choose?

Well-executed research provides evidence-based findings critical to advancing knowledge and supporting or nulling claims and assertions that may otherwise be accepted at face value. It is a disciplined, systematic process that requires step-by-step planning through an objective examination of specific issues or problems. Two primary methodologies organizations can as a foundation for data collection and analysis are qualitative and quantitative research.

Benefits of using online market research panels

In today’s highly competitive world, your products and services are bound to fail if you are not truly connected to the voice of the customer. Market research, thus, has become indispensable today for businesses. In this brief, you will be introduced to market research panels, one of the most effective means to source respondents for your research and help brands to improve their products and services.

Defining Sample Size

How can researchers be sure to collect credible data with an appropriate sample size? After all, the sample size is the number of responses your survey or experiment can legitimately qualify. When analyzing data and reporting reliable, straightforward results, it is crucial to pinpoint a defined number of respondents that proportionately reflect a larger group.

Conducting market research: when and why you should outsource

Market research is one of the key areas in which a company can invest as part of their marketing strategy. Market research is a crucial way of getting data and insights to understand the market, audience, competition, and market trends, which every company needs in its decision-making process.

Customer Service & Performance

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. In today's climate, especially, focusing on your customer service efforts is the best investment you can make. Consumers are willing to spend 17% more on a business that offers outstanding customer service. Plus, 93% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases based on positive customer experiences.

Optimal respondent experience: a must-have for good data.

Surveys are a very important marketing tool that has proven to be the backbone of every successful company or product over the last decades. With the introduction of the smart technologies and the Internet, the relevance of traditional surveys and the interest of the participants in them drastically decreased. Though, it has been proven that conducting market research is essential before launching a new product or even getting funding for a start-up.

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TGM Academy aims to educate on the transformative potential of market research and insight technology. On this website, you'll find articles covering everything from research design, sample selection to analysing results.

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