How to manage your research project?

Managing Research Project

Learn basics of research project management.  How to reach your ideal survey respondents, determine the right number of people to survey, and get the optimal response rates.

How to manage a research project?

MNow that your survey project is ready to be launched (or get into “the fieldwork”), it’s time to clarify who you’ll target, how to reach them, how many responses you’ll need, and when to send your survey.


Learn how to field your market research project

Each project manager aims to finish their task on schedule, inside the budget plan, and meeting performance assumptions. Normally, when this is refined, we consider the research project is a success.

What is the role of fieldwork in the research project?

In market research, fieldwork is the term used for the collection of primary data from external sources. Collecting customer data is key to almost any organisational strategy. Without data, you’re marketing blindly, hoping to reach your target audience. Many businesses already collect data digitally but don’t know how to leverage what they have.

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