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Online research projects

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What is Online Research?

A market research panel is composed of multiple kinds of people who represent your ideal target audience. The respondents reflect the demographics of your customers, giving you a sample of insights across age, gender, purchase preference, income, behaviours, and other traits.

Research panellists fill out a survey that asks specific questions related to your project’s goal. For instance, you might perform concept or product testing on a new business idea, a new logo design, or brand messaging to determine if panellists like your new developments.

Before taking the survey, the panel members are vetted to make sure they represent your target audience. This pre-qualification process guarantees that you reach the right groups with your survey and improves your research study’s data quality.


Learn how to plan details of your market research project

Each project manager aims to finish their task on schedule, inside the budget plan, and meeting performance assumptions. Normally, when this is refined, we consider the research project is a success.

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