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Screener is one of the most important part of the questionnaire - most of the time at the very beginning of a survey - which helps to identify if the respondent fits the targeted audience. If the participants fit the target audience, then he will be able to continue the survey. For data quality purpose, a good screener needs to be concise , blended and by all means not leading. (to build screening questions in a smart way so the respondent can not guess what the study will be about).


Secondary data

Information gathered through the internet or research done in the past, through existing sources.

Segmentation studies

A study, which targets a certain group of the population or a certain market. Segmentation studies is a set of research procedures, aiming at presenting a typology of a certain market or group. The result of the segmentation study is a description of the analyzed area. The base used to define such groups are socio-demographics variables of the respondents, frequency..

Also see: Mailing Questionnaire, Questionnaire

Story board

A set of images, drawing to show how the scenario of a movie or an add would go. This is used in early stage of testing for TV ads. Consumer feedback can be collected at that stage.

 See also: Animatic


Respondent who tend to answer questions randomly without reading it first. These kind of respondents are automatically rejected of the survey as the quality won't be good to analyze.

Also see: Speeding

Strata sampling

A sampling method from the population. In a survey, when a smaller sub-group population varies under a group population, it is better to divide them into other sub-groups (strata). It provides precise results and cuts down on the number of required respondents.


It is a quantitative study, collecting the attitude of the public towards a particular topic (Eg: voting intention poll). It is meant to get insights from the general population.

Syndicated research

Studies on a specialized problem/ area of research run for a group of clients or at own initiative of the research agency. This allows access to a large pool of respondents at a lower cost because the cost is shared by the consortium.

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