How to Conduct Multi-Country Market Research Projects?

Learn how to manage a project running in different countries.

We live in an increasingly integrated and globalized world today, with every other company having multi-country operations or aspirations. On the one hand, it creates a huge potential market. On the other hand, companies need to be prepared to meet the requirements of a much larger pool of customers with varied preferences. In this changing scenario, multi-country market research has become a necessity and is getting increasingly popular.

6 tips for a researcher to conduct multi-country research

Multi-country market research is unarguably challenging and can be an absolute nightmare if done the traditional (offline) way, requiring excessive time, effort and resources and yet not delivering a satisfactory result. Luckily, better options are available in this digital age. There are a host of digital market research agencies that can be contracted to get global reach through one single point of contact. Listed below are some reasons why you should opt for digital research agencies for multi-country projects.

Single Point of Contact: You need not hire multiple agencies to conduct field research and maintain a close watch on them across the project. Just tie-up with one agency with the required reach. Much, much easier for you and you will save plenty of time and budget for your research!

Centralization: Instead of having teams in each country/region going through the entire research design process, it is effective as well as efficient if the process is done at a single place. You have to spend money on a much lower number of experts, which also means that you can hire the best ones within budget to steer the project. There is an obvious avoidance of unnecessary duplication of effort along with the added advantage of comparability of output across countries.

Quality Control: As the entire project design and execution are centralized, it becomes feasible for the top management to keep track of the project more effectively. Besides, digital surveys have numerous quality checks built-in like digital fingerprinting and trap questions among other features. Being self-administered, the problem of interviewer bias is eliminated altogether. Biggest of all, it facilitates a consistent process for quality control and data cleaning/processing across countries, which is an absolute must.

Speed and Cost Advantages: These general benefits of digital market research over offline research become even more prominent when it comes to multi-country research. Imagine the multi-country logistics requirements which are reduced to zero, as well as the economies of scale! You will get insights from different markets in an instant when you choose the digital way.

Right Profile and Proportion of Respondents: Compared to offline surveys, access to the digital footprint of a person helps digital market search companies do much more accurate targeting. Centralized tracking also helps companies reach the ideal proportion of respondents across countries, and take immediate steps when things do not go as planned. It's important to remain flexible.

Localization: This deemed limitation of digital multi-country surveys can be nullified (or even converted to advantage) by the adoption of appropriate strategies and choosing a good market research agency. The best digital market research agencies know that while consistency in the process has its advantages, it is important to take local specificity into account. These agencies do have an appropriate network and/or physical presence in target countries for awareness and understanding of socio-cultural differences as well as the required language expertise to ensure meaning does not get lost in translation. They do also have appropriate tools and technology which work equally well in a different language and socio-cultural setting.

Go "Glocal"

To sum up, the best approach to handle multi-country projects is a ‘glocal’ one where a common master questionnaire is used along with location-specific additional questions and adaptations. Digital surveys are increasingly being considered as the only viable option to execute this ‘glocal’ strategy effectively and efficiently. Take our word for it.

From a research perspective. it is also interesting to compare the insights gathered on different countries and cultural aspects from the same questionnaire, translated in the language where the survey is being carried out. Some clients will find it easier to compare the insights looking at different markets and having all the tools to make the right decision afterward. In the end, this is what research is about. This is also one of the main benefits of conducting multi-country research in specific markets.

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